Change Up Your Hair Color for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer kick off whole new seasons for style, and now that we’re all warmed up, it’s time to swing for the fences. Ready to up your hair color game? Check out our shortlist of this year’s hottest color trends.


Going for Gold

Gilded strands and sunkissed highlights can take your style to the top. Even when subtly applied, a touch of gold on face-framing strands can effectively brighten up your look. Keeping the forefront layers light will define your best features, drawing attention to your eyes and mouth. It only takes a few well-placed highlights to produce a major transformation, making for a super cost-effective option when considering color treatments. 


Buttery Blonde

If creamy blonde locks are what you’re after, we’ve got news for you—getting the look may be easier than you think. Our stylists can soften brassy hues with ulta-fine highlights and add a warm, buttery overtone for a natural-blonde finish. To keep brassiness at bay, ask our stylist to recommend some color-protection products, like a blonde-focused shampoo and conditioner.

blonde hair model with highlights

Spring and summer color can be subtle, like these perfectly placed highlights.


Brewing Brunettes

As the weather heats up, we want our hues like we order our brews—ice cold. Though warm, chocolate shades have been all the rage in recent years, brunettes are cooling things down this season with ashy washes and icy tones. Certain colors complement some skin tones better than others, but there’s a cool-colored look for brunettes in every shade. Ask your stylist to help select an option that best suits your coloring.


Bold in Blue

Though pastel strands are still in style, rich shades of blue are on this season’s shortlist. We offer both semi- and demi-permanent treatments that go on bold and fade out gracefully—without leaving hard lines. For a waterlike effect, ask your stylist to incorporate texture for movement like ocean waves. Psst: don’t worry about your hair clashing with your warm-weather wardrobe, blue compliments a whole spectrum of colors (and skin tones, too).


Radiant Reds

No doubt about it—fiery shades are coming in hot. Multi-dimensional coloring is the name of the game, and red is the dark horse that’s coming out on top. With a range of vivid and dusty hues, our stylists can create a gorgeous look that’s as individual as you are. But, if you’re new to bold color, we can start you off slow with some subtler streaks. Rookie tip: Transform your outgrown highlights into a dusty red dip—ask your stylist for a soft tint on top. This pop of color will give your hair movement. Be sure to follow up with professional at-home products that are specifically formulated to keep your reds looking red. Products with antioxidants provide UV protection to prevent color fading, and the sulfate-free formula locks new pigment in tight.


Intrigued by these spring and summer color looks? Get a head start on summer style with all the professional color products and services you need at Supercuts—we’re here to help you hit your new look out of the park.

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