The Best Age-Appropriate Looks

Change isn’t always easy, but just like changing your wardrobe, your skincare, and your cosmetics as you age, you should also adjust your hairstyle.


Updating your hair is a fast and inexpensive way to look your best at any age. Here are some tips:


In your 20s

This is the time to experiment. It’s a chance to figure out what style works for you, especially if you opt for a classic cut, like longer layers. But it’s also a chance to go edgy. Try an asymmetrical bob, or an undercut with bold, color-melding techniques.

long highlighted haircut
A classic cut or something more experimental? It's up to you.
bob haircut
Want a style that looks fresh, but is also easy to maintain? Try a bob.

In your 30s

This is the time you are probably at your most confident – and your haircut can show that off. Bring your best face features forward with a short look. A pixie hugs your neck and frames your face. This is a super cool, confident look to try in your 30s.



In your 40s

There’s a just-right haircut that might be perfect for you in your 40s: The not-too-short, not-too-long a-line bob. You can actually have a ton of fun with this haircut. Play it up with some textured bangs, or ask your stylist for some slight layers on the top to give it a tousled, no-fuss look.


In your 50s

Layers are classic at any age. Try them short and tousled or more movement-oriented with longer layers. Keeping your hair around shoulder length is easier to style and gives you that versatility to wear it up or down.



For everyone

There are so many options at any age, and whether you decide to go longer or keep it short, adding a couple of face-framing highlights always helps create a softer look. Now what are you waiting for? Go see your favorite Supercuts stylist.

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Keeping your hair conditioned is important at any age. Try a leave-in product, like It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Spray.

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Check in to your favorite salon and get your name on the list. Plus, select your stylist and service choices.