Beard Basics: Tips for Maintaining Facial Hair


Been thinking about giving a beard a try? Well, there's probably no better time than the present. And luckily, the popularity of beards isn’t going away anytime soon. No matter if it's the sunny days of spring and summer, the crisp air of fall, or the frigid temps of winter, it's always the perfect time to start growing your beard. But there’s more to having a beard than simply not shaving, learn what else goes into growing facial hair.


Growth strategy

Growing a beard can be a test of will—it can take at least 4 to 6 weeks to grow in fully. While some areas grow faster than others, you may have a patchy or uneven look while it grows. By keeping it closely cropped, the patches won’t be noticeable. Manage uneven growth by trimming the long sections down to the length of the shortest ones. Once things are back to normal, your stylist can help out here. Have a beard trim as part of your regular haircut schedule. Over time, the length and fullness will improve.

Man with closely trimmed beard
Don't give up. Your beard will take around 4-6 weeks to fully grow in.

Daily care

Get into the habit of giving your facial hair a good combing every day. By adding this easy step into your daily routine, you will train it to grow in the right direction. It will also tame flyaway hairs and release any loose strands or tangles so it looks tidy and smooth.


Deep clean

While your beard probably gets rinsed in the shower and might get sudsed when you wash your face, neither is as good as a dedicated beard scrubbing. By cleansing twice a week with a beard-specific product, you’ll wash away oil, bacteria, and even dead skin. It will also keep facial hair healthy, just like shampoo. Bonus: Beard washing cuts down on itchiness, and leaves the hair soft and shiny. After you’ve washed it, dry your beard by simply patting it with a soft, clean towel. Rough rubbing can create frizz and tangles.


Tame it

Prevent your whiskers from getting dry and frizzy by routinely applying a beard oil or a light moisturizer. It will also help cut down on feeling itchy and scratchy. Redken Brews Beard and Skin Oil and SEB MAN The Groom Hair & Beard Oil are two helpful products to keep facial hair soft, smooth, and shiny.


Trim time

When it’s time to take off some length, adding a beard trim to your routine haircut is a good move. Using professional clippers, your Supercuts stylist can give you a clean, comfortable, precise cut at any length, and concluded with the perfect finishing touch—the Hot Towel Refresher®. And in between professional trims, use a small pair of scissors or clippers to keep your mustache trimmed to the top of your lip so your mustache doesn't get in the way every time you eat.


No matter if you're going for a full mountain man or some maybe-I'll-give-it-a-shot growth, there's probably never been a more perfect opportunity to check out your follicular strength. So good luck and get growing.   

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