Bad Hair Day? Try These Fast Fixes and Product Solutions

We know your haircut and styling routine has been thrown for a loop. But it's O.K., we're all in the same boat on this one. So for when every day starts feeling like a bad hair day, we've pulled together some out-of-the-box solutions to make it work (and a few product ideas too, if you happen to have them on hand).



In a pinch: Running an anti-static dryer sheet over your hair works, but static can come back in a nanosecond.

Product solution: Dry hair is more prone to static, so replenish moisture with Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm.



In a pinch: Hand lotion is a good fix if used sparingly. If you overdo it, it can leave hair dull and weigh it down.

Product solution: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum temporarily seals split ends and adds shine.



In a pinch: Baby powder sops up oil if you don’t have time to shampoo. The downside? It can cake up and leave your hair with a whitish hue.

Product solution: Paul Mitchell Dry Wash absorbs oil and adds body without buildup.

model with long dark hair


In a pinch: Wearing a slicked back ‘do? In a pinch, a little lip balm will smooth down stray baby hairs, but it can attract dirt.

Product solution: Sexy Hair Hard Up Holding Gel keeps every hair in place without buildup.



In a pinch: Growing a new beard? Dry your beard by simply patting it with a soft, clean towel. Rough rubbing can create frizz and tangles.

Product solution: Prevent your whiskers from getting dry and frizzy by routinely applying a beard oil or a light moisturizer, like Redken Brews Beard and Skin Oil and SEB MAN The Groom Hair & Beard Oil.



In a pinch: As your hair gets longer, skip the oil-based products. They might add shine, but also weigh down thinning hair, which can make it look even thinner.

Product solution: Products that improve the condition of your hair, instead of just sitting on top of it, are best, including Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up Styling Liquid.


No matter your hair issue, keep in mind we're all in this together. With a few tricks, you can make those bad hair days fewer and farther between. We look forward to seeing you back at your favorite Supercuts soon.

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