Adding Color to Your Life: Hair Color 101 for Men

Man with color-serviced hair


Men of all ages are getting in on the hair coloring trend. Staying competitive in the workplace, the desire to maintain a youthful look, or just to try something new are some of the reasons more and more men are heading to the salon. Fortunately, men getting their hair colored doesn’t hold the stigma it once did.

If you’re considering coloring your hair, here’s a quick overview of your options.

Try something new

Whether you have gray or not, you might crave a change. Your stylist can help you choose the right color or highlights that will work best with your style and skin tone. If it’s your first time coloring your hair, start with a semi-permanent color that will gradually fade.

Under cover

You’ve spotted your first grays or maybe you’re more salt than pepper. Whatever the case, gray is not for you. Our experts recommend choosing a hair color closest to your natural shade. If you’re on the fence about trying permanent hair color, a semi-permanent color is a good option. It will fade naturally and wash out in several shampoos. To help your color stay longer, use a color-protection shampoo and conditioner, like the Paul Mitchell Color Protect products.

Gray with grace

You’re going a little gray and that’s okay. But maybe you want it to be less noticeable. Gray blending is a natural way to hide prominent grays. You can choose how much you want to minimize—20, 50 percent, it’s up to you. Semi-permanent colors work best because they allow for customization and grow out naturally.

Love your gray

You own your gray. A full head of silver can look distinguished but to pull off this look, your hair must be kept healthy. Use a shampoo designed for your hair type and apply a treatment mask once a week. Ask your stylist for product recommendations.

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