Good Morning America visits Supercuts

September 2016

Good Morning America recently visited Supercuts for their 'Hair Experiment' to see if people can tell the difference between the haircuts from a high priced salon and a value salon (Supercuts).   They arranged for two friends, who wanted the same haircut, to visit the two salons with wildly different price points.  After the cuts, the friends visited the popular Grove shopping area in LA to have shoppers inspect their cuts and guess which one cost $500 compared to $55.


Of course our expert Supercuts stylist, Norma, delivered a cut and style that many of the shoppers thought was the expensive cut, but in reality was only a fraction of the cost.


A big thank you to the local Los Angeles salon team that showed nearly 9 million viewers from around the country that our attention to detail gives our guests the cut they want without breaking the bank!


View the entire segment "Comparing High-Price and Low-Cost Haircuts".